Columbus Pacific


As a rule, Columbus Pacific does not engage in public marketing. We have grown our business organically, through referrals from friends, associates and industry professionals. Below are several testimonials from clients we have worked closely with throughout the past 20 years. We are extremely appreciative of their business and their endorsements of the CP brand.

Working with Brian and Rick presents the opportunity to see our industry from a different perspective. Proactive instead of reactive, understanding trends before they gain traction with the masses and the ability to seize upon an opportunity when it's identified. Their organization is efficient and staffed by highly productive achievers. It’s a privilege to be part of their success.

Their designs and vision are unparalleled. Not only can CP anticipate my needs as an investor, their friendly demeanor makes working with them a breeze.

Brian and Rick are the best guys out there.

I've enjoyed living at the Cottages for a few years now! I don't think I ever want to graduate. Living here is too cool.

I love how quiet The Ranch is! I've never heard my neighbors. It's perfect for a student who is focused mainly on school. The front desk staff is super friendly too.

Thanks CPP for remodelling that retail center. It looks great!